Like us, our lovely dogs hold stress and tension in their bodies – both physical and emotional.

But, unlike us, they can’t tell anyone. If undetected, it can lead to chronic, long-term pain which may affect your dog’s behaviour.

Here at Calmer Canine Dog Massage in Winchcombe I use Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB), a special massage therapy.  It helps release your pet from ‘silent’ pain and tension, leaving him/her feeling healthier and happier.

Searching out ‘silent’ pain

With WEBB dog massage I use a variety of bodywork techniques. Firstly, I assess your dog for ‘silent’ tension and pain. It’s stored in your dog’s neuro-fascia – their connective tissue – and often goes undetected.

Pets living with this ‘silent’ pain often lose their ‘get up and go.’ They may seem grumpy, reluctant to exercise, jump on the sofa or in the car. They may react to other dogs or people, and may be anxious, fearful, or become aggressive.

Whole Energy Body Balance, (WEBB)

WEBB dog massage is a complementary, bodywork therapy that acts on an animal’s entire physical body and energy system.

Using a series of hands-on, intentional touch techniques, I work with your dog to release tension in their neuro-fascial network, (the connective tissue that covers everything and is packed with nerve-endings).

This holistic dog massage method eases painful and constricted fascia and can also release trapped emotional trauma, caused by a frightening experience, or physical or emotional abuse.

WEBB dog massage offers untold benefits for our furry friends, both physically and emotionally.

Whole Energy Body Balance

WEBB dog massage is an excellent therapy to soothe and calm your pet’s nervous system.

If you’re a stressed or anxious owner, it’s likely your dog will be too! Our dogs are very sensitive and their emotions are affected by how we humans feel and behave.

‘Hyper’ or stressed dogs are likely to be living in their ‘fight or flight’ mode. This may include dogs who are ball, or stick-obsessed; those with anxiety separation, or who continually demand attention. Their nervous systems are  always ‘on alert,’ and they find it hard to relax.

WEBB dog massage encourages the pet’s parasympathetic nervous system to take over. This switches OFF your dog’s ‘fight or flight’ response and switches ON its ‘rest and digest’ mode. It helps your dog’s body and mind to physically relax. It soothes its frazzled nervous system and encourages your dog to self-regulate its emotions…and we all know that a relaxed dog is a happy dog.

Stressed Dog
  • Arthritic and/or elderly: by easing areas of tense and tight fascia
  • Timid or fearful: by releasing trauma and helping them relax
  • Hyperactive: by relaxing their nervous systems to help them ‘switch off’
  • Stressed, or anxious: by soothing frayed nerves and releasing emotional trauma
  • Reactive/aggressive: by releasing physical and emotional tension and switching on their ability to ‘rest and digest’
  • Recovering from injury: by easing tension and promoting well-being and calm
  • Physically or emotionally abused: by releasing emotional/physical trauma and calming nerves
  • Obsessive: by relaxing the nervous system and releasing pent up frustration
Chasing Ball

Devised by Dr Edward

WEBB dog massage was created by holistic veterinarian Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc (Hons II), also known as The Healing Vet.

Dr Edward spent 20 years learning how to unlock ‘silent’ pain, tension, anxiety and trauma from an animal’s physical body using intentional touch and neuro-fascial bodywork.

He devised WEBB dog massage for canines and felines and has since developed similar modalities for horses and humans.

“Thousands of animals were, and continue to be my teachers in this work, on a journey stretching back more than two decades. By inviting healthy movement, I discovered where there were restrictions in an animal’s body. Using loving, connected intentional touch on the neuro-fascial network, their pain and tension melted away. Again and again, I saw beautiful changes in the animals I was treating.”

Meet Ruth – and Gem!

Since practising WEBB dog massage, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits this therapy can bring. Gem, my own rescue dog, has changed from reactive and stressed, to sociable and happy.

Ruth McDonagh, A Calmer Canine


Read how Ruth has achieved her life-long ambition.

I’ve shared my home with dogs for nearly 50 years and couldn’t imagine life without at least one!

Since being a little girl I’ve always adored animals. I was given my first dog Ben, a Labrador, as a 10th birthday present. Since then, I’ve lived with and loved three more Labs, a Collie, a Lurcher, and several Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

An avid watcher of the 1970s’ TV series, All Creatures Great and Small, I always wanted to work with animals. A lambing season spent as a ‘trainee shepherdess’ to our small flock of sheep only strengthened that desire.

After leaving school, I worked with a vet (before the days of Health and Safety) and was determined to become one. Though my career took a different route, my love for animals, especially dogs, never faltered. I’ve completed various courses and workshops from Wildlife Rehabilitation and Tellington Touch, to Canine Shiatsu and Dog First Aid.

When I discovered Dr Edward and his WEBB therapy, I knew it was right for me.

Seeing the tangible benefits and positive reactions that WEBB brings to dogs who are unhappy and/or in pain, is truly wonderful. My experience shows that WEBB brings dogs relief from both physical and emotional pain and, in the case of Gem my own rescue dog, has turned her life around. What ‘work’ could be more rewarding than that?



See how Gem’s life has been transformed.

Beautiful Gem was described as “the most stressed dog at the rescue centre” when I rehomed her in 2020. She was an ex-gun dog and her behaviour suggested she had been ill-treated and subjected to aggressive, fear-driven, ‘training’ by a man. She was rehomed once, but returned to the rescue centre after biting several men. Back at the centre she bit a male member of staff.

Gem was a very frightened, anxious girl. She flinched at every movement and jumped at every sound. She was scared to eat; scared to sit; scared to move. She ran from boots and coats; cowered from the car and was even on edge in the garden. Poor Gem was frightened of life. She was living in her ‘fight or flight’ mode and unable to relax. She had to be muzzled on walks, after reacting aggressively to passing dogs. I began using the simple WEBB Somatic Relaxation Technique on her to encourage her body to relax, and soon increased this to full WEBB therapy sessions.

WEBB has released a huge amount of physical tension and emotional trauma from Gem’s body. Some of the emotional releases involved her trembling in fear; having panic-type attacks; and re-experiencing feelings of severe anxiety. With compassionate, gentle reassurance and WEBB’s special ‘Loving Touch’, Gem was able to ride out these feelings and WEBB calmed her once again. Gem’s long-held trauma, (physical and emotional), dates back five years, and was released slowly, layer by layer.

Today, after more than 12 months of WEBB, Gem is a different dog. She’s relaxed, says hello to men indoors, walks muzzle-free and socialises happily with other dogs, playing and chasing. She’s learnt to do normal doggie things like playing with toys, fetching a ball, chewing bones, digging holes and asking for fuss.

I’ve absolutely no doubt that WEBB is the major factor in helping Gem change from a very distressed dog, into a happy, wholesome, loving girl. WEBB has released some of the trauma she went through in her first three years, and has taught her how to relax, so she can live the happy, contented life she deserves.

Ferdie,12, has arthritis, myelopathy and weak hips. He has weekly WEBB sessions. Ferdie is so much happier and more mobile. He's moving better and is his cheeky self again. We're so glad we found Ruth.

Sam - Ferdie's Mum

Crossbreed Ruby, 12 has hip and hind leg issues - She moves much better in the mornings, is less stiff and for the first time in ages, ran up the garden.

Jackie, Ruby's mum

Sidney was definitely much calmer after his WEBB sessions and less reactive. He's not barked at people or noises or and is generally more relaxed.

Jane, Sidney's mum

Rex, 14, severely arthritic Jack Russell – Rex finds walking difficult. After his weekly WEBB sessions with Ruth, Rex is more relaxed, in less discomfort and much happier in himself. WEBB definitely improves his quality of life and keeps his tail wagging.

Nick – Rex’s Dad

Ellie, 11, an ex-racing greyhound rescue – After four WEBB sessions with Ruth, Ellie was bounding up steps again, eating like a horse and playing with other dogs. She’s not been like this for years. She loves her Ruth time.

Anne – Ellie’s mum

Ruby, 3, Cocker Spaniel rescued from a puppy farm – Ruby was a very anxious girl. She melted into her WEBB sessions with Ruth. She stretched out, fell into a deep sleep and relaxed properly for the first time in six weeks.

Andrea – Ruby’s mum

Skye, 14, a frail greyhound – Skye is standing taller, gambolling around on walks and giving his toys what for. He seems happier and is enjoying himself again. WEBB is really helping him.

Jacquie – Skye’s mum

Mali, 6, a Romanian rescue was on high alert most of the time - Having regular WEBB sessions and using the Somatic Relaxation Technique at home has really helped reduce Mali's anxiety. He's a much happier, calmer dog now.

Dawn, Mali's mum

Poodle Loki, 2, is excitable, anxious and sometimes reactive - Since having WEBB Loki is quieter and reacting less. Instead of barking at dogs when at home, he just watches them.

Sam, Loki's mum

What you can expect from a WEBB session

It’s best to approach a WEBB dog massage session with no expectations! However, I will talk you through the session, explaining what your dog may experience and why and point out any relaxation signs.

Where does the session take place?

WEBB dog massage is carried out in my quiet Canine Cabin in Winchcombe with the owner present.

What happens during a session?

At the first session I will take details of your dog’s medical history, lifestyle, diet, behaviour and any relevant background such as being rescued. Your pet needs to be wearing its collar and lead which I may use to gently build trust and a connection if the dog is anxious or timid.

Once your dog is comfortable with me, I will begin the dog massage by assessing him/her for pain and tension* by inviting healthy movement along the spine, in the skull and pelvis.

The WEBB dog massage session follows and takes cues from your pet’s body language and responses, I apply a range of massage techniques and movements to help release any painful, or tense areas on your dog’s body.

(*A dog with a bite history with humans will need to be muzzled for WEBB work.)

Is WEBB a type of massage?

WEBB is a hands-on dog massage therapy, but, unlike traditional massage, focuses on tension held in the neuro-fascia, rather than in the muscles.

WEBB dog massage targets this connective tissue that runs throughout the body and is full of nerve-endings. Using various techniques I work to release areas of pain and tension found  in your dog’s fascia during the assessment.

This effective dog massage also helps calm your dog’s nervous system, encouraging the parasympathetic nervous system to ‘switch on,’ so your pet can ‘rest and digest.’

What if my dog doesn’t relax?

For nervous, stressed, or ‘hyper’ dogs, it may take time for them to learn to relax and/or switch off. During a session I will teach you the Somatic Relaxation Technique, which you may be encouraged to do daily to help your pet to physically relax.

How many sessions will my dog need?

This depends on how your dog responds to WEBB and the amount of physical tension, silent pain and/or emotional trauma they may be carrying. It is recommended that a dog has at least three sessions to gain the full benefit from WEBB and see changes in its behaviour.

For some dogs who have chronic pain, such as older or frail pets, or those with emotional trauma, it may take more sessions to release long-held tenson physical trauma. For elderly pets a ‘top-up’ WEBB session perhaps monthly, or to suit, can be very beneficial.

Please note: WEBB dog massage is a complementary therapy and should never be viewed as an alternative to veterinary care. If your dog is unwell, injured, or lame, you should consult your veterinary surgeon.

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WEBB pricing and packages

Discovery session: 30 minutes


Assessment only, with Somatic Relaxation Technique. (SRT), instruction

First session: 60 minutes


First full WEBB dog massage session
with SRT instruction

Follow ups: 40 minutes


WEBB dog massage session


Initial + 2 sessions


First full WEBB session, with SRT instruction, plus two further WEBB sessions

Initial + 5 sessions


First full WEBB session, with SRT instruction, plus five further WEBB sessions

Prices shown are for WEBB sessions undertaken within a 5-mile radius of Winchcombe. If you live further afield a mileage/travel charge may apply, please contact me to discuss.

I’m a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

International Institute of Complementary Therapists Logo

As a member of both the IICT and a qualified Whole Energy Body Balance practitioner, I am fully insured and work to the professional ethics of both organisations. I undergo annual training and refreshers led and supported by Dr Edward.

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