At 13-years-old this beautiful gentle giant has serious spine and hip issues. (A fused vertebra, neuropathy and osteoarthritis). Ferdie now has weekly Whole Energy Body Balance massages which make a big difference to his mobility and general happiness.

Ferdie the Weimaraner

Ferdie regains some mobility and fun

Ferdie is a wise old soul, but like many dogs on a first visit was very anxious. With regular reassurance from his mum and with me taking things slowly and gently, he settled down. Ferdie was diagnosed with spondylosis of his spine, with lumbo-sacral disease (degeneration of part of the lower spine and compression of the nerves) and with mild osteoarthritis in his hip. He also had a weak left hind leg.

After his first session Ferdie slept for a day and a half, (not unknown when dogs are holding a lot of tension and some of it is released), and on day 2 his owner described him as being ‘bouncier and better on his hind legs.’

Ten months on, Ferdie has fused vertebrae and neuropathy in his left hind leg – the nerves are affected. He is having weekly sessions to avoid a build-up of tension in the tissues and fascia due to his condition and to maintain his mobility.

The connective tissue (neuro-fascia) throughout much of Ferdie’s body was very tight and dense – which was no surprise for a dog dealing with his conditions. The initial assessment showed Ferdie’s fascia was very stiff behind his shoulders, around his ribs, up and down his spine and his lumbar. His body felt ‘stuck.’

I worked gently with him as this level of tension in a dog is sore to engage with. By lifting his big head or looking around at me, he let me know if an area I was in, or the pressure I was using was too much, so I eased off. At the end of each session Ferdie goes into a very deep relaxation.

Over the coming weeks and months, I used a variety of WEBB techniques on Ferdie from stretching, circling, finger and hand pressures, both focused and generalised, fur twisting and rolling to release the tissue tension. On each visit I finished with an energetic hold – the Craniosacral Technique – with my hands at the top and bottom of his spinal cord (cranium and sacrum), which stimulates flows of energy around his body – especially the spine. Ten months on, Ferdie’s fascia and body is in a much better and more fluid condition than it was last summer. I am still using a range of WEBB techniques and energy work to release the tension that builds up through the week, due to his condition.

"We saw an improvement in Ferdie’s mobility after the first session. A few weeks in, Ferdie was eager to go out on longer walks and was generally much happier. We had our cheeky dog back. It was amazing.

“As his condition has worsened, he now needs weekly WEBB sessions to help keep him mobile. The other day he was trotting around the table with a slipper playing.

“He knows where Ruth lives and whines in excitement when we drive into Winchcombe and can’t wait to push his way through her front door. He knows we are all doing our best for him and loves his sessions. We’re so glad we found Ruth and WEBB, it’s made a massive positive difference to Ferdie’s life.”

Sam, Ferdie’s mum