Beautiful Sprocker Joy was rescued by a UK dog charity from a breeding farm in Ireland and was aged about 2 when she was rehomed. She was finding domestic life pretty challenging. She hid in her crate for the first week too scared to venture out. Once she did, she was fearful of her humans, of unexpected noises and of going in the garden. Poor Joy was living in her ‘fight or flight mode’ with her sympathetic nervous system permanently activated.


From still and scared to sleeping soundly

In her first WEBB session Joy was clearly fearful and stood pretty still. After the initial assessment I performed the Somatic Relaxation Technique which helped calm her. I worked slowly using various gentle techniques and noticed Joy’s eyes were half-closing and her head beginning to nod. She sat down for a short time, which for a scared rescue dog with an unknown human in a new environment, is a big deal.

In her second session Joy sat down for the whole time and was comfortable having tense spots on her body worked on using firmer pressure. By the third visit Joy was confident and trusting enough to lie down for the whole time. By the fourth session she was completely relaxed. She lay down almost immediately and by the end was curled up sleeping soundly.

Joy is now enjoying monthly WEBB sessions to help steer her along the right relaxation road.

Joy was understandably a very fearful girl so building up trust and connection with her was a vital part of the first session. Watching her reactions enables me to gently work with her rather than simply working on her, irrespective of her fear.

Her little body was holding a lot of tension – both emotional and physical. She appears to have some type of injury on her back, the vet suspected maybe a burn, around which a lot of fascia tension had built up. I worked on this which she fully accepted and really relaxed into, clearly showing relief as I eased the ‘lumpy’ tightness.

Joy is finding her feet

"Joy’s improved more in the six weeks since she’s been seeing Ruth than in the previous three months. We began to see a positive change in her behaviour after just the first session. Initially she was calmer, doing things at a slower pace and was more relaxed in the garden, even staying out there on her own, which she didn’t do previously. After just two sessions we saw a new and more adventurous side to her. She was exploring new places in the house and going up to strangers who visited. She played with a toy for the first time and after three sessions did a zoomie when out on a walk, something she’d never done before. She is growing in confidence and now paws at us and engages with us. We’re so glad we gave WEBB a try, it's changing Joy from a fearful girl to a happier, more confident one.”